Welcome to B&R Life!

Hello Pretties,

WELCOME to B&R Life!

We are so happy to have you here with us! Before we delve into all things pretty, sparkly, trendy and obviously BRIDAL we thought we should introduce ourselves. If you’ve been one of our lovely guests at Blush & Raven you have likely met at least one of us. If not, well let’s not waste another minute as strangers!

Liane Knox, our beautiful co-owner & CEO is originally from Vancouver but graced Calgary with her presence when she moved here 10 years ago. As well as having a keen eye for bridal trends she is also wife to Jesse, the cutest little yogi (she’s an instructor too!) and mama to two (bizarre) cats named Baxter & Joey.

Brooke Kleiner, our lovely co-owner & VP is just a ray of sunshine in human form! Not only is she the artsiest chick (I’m talking pianist, painter, euro fashion extraordinaire) she also channels that talent into Perla Mia, our in-house custom heirloom jewelry company. This Sasky girl is wife to Sean and mama to Violet and Scartlet (not cats but real human children) who were also the inspiration behind the Blush and Raven name.

Kaitlin Walker – Hi that’s me! If you’ve been in the store, chances are our paths have crossed! I am the Customer Service Manager and can typically be found on the B&R floor running appointments (or sticking my nose & opinions into appointments that Brooke or Liane are running.) I grew up in Saskatchewan, have lived in Vancouver, but nothing says home quite like Calgary. I have no cats or kids but thoroughly enjoy a nice glass of red wine and am a sucker for a good pair of shoes.

Now that we’re all friends, let’s get to the good stuff! We hope you have as much fun reading our blog as we’ve had creating it.

Blush & Raven Team

Until next time, lovelies!


Liane, Brooke & Kaitlin